Day Six


Before getting started, make sure you've watched Captain Nate's introduction video.

Week In Review
The World, the Word
Write the word “PRAY” somewhere you will often look to remind you to stop, pray, and ask God to use you to bring Him glory. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Why do you want to be self-controlled? What is your motivation?

How does recognizing our need for the Holy Spirit bring glory to God?

What have you heard this week that will have the biggest impact on your life going forward?

What stood out to you in this study?

What are some other things you can do to daily remind yourself to ask God to give you self-control?

Is there a scripture passage that stood out to you this week? Why? How can memorizing it be helpful to you in your daily life?

What did you think of today's Bible Exploration? Let us know!