Battalion ENDEAVOR

Program Description

For boys ages 12-16.

For teen guys who endeavor for more.
Brand new for 2017 is our "Endeavor" program. This program is for those battalion age boys that want to get some off-site experience in outdoor skills. Each day a cabin will have a different day trip (hiking a high peak, rock climbing and rappelling a cliff, canoeing adventure, and fishing off site). You will also have your Northern Frontier staples like your cabin campout, beach times, game times, cabin activity times, and snack shop. Every morning will start with Bible Exploration and every night will end with our staff bringing you a fun, energetic campfire that draws your focus to Christ. You'll hear scripture, testimonies, and stories that spur you to accept Christ, love Christ, and seek Him every day.

Teaching points on:
Canoe – parts of boat, strokes, and rescue on Indian Lake
Hike – directions topography, foot ware n pace, first aid, rescue, bears at Snowy Mt, Giant, Cascade Mt
Rock Climbing – belay, knots, technique, anchors, rescue at Shanty Cliffs
Fishing – knots, drag n reeling, species, bait, and lures, catch and release at Big Bad Luck or Whortleberry Pond

Running August 4-11 Only.

A Typical Day
7:45 Wake, Wash & Dress
8:00 Flag Raising
8:10 Personal Quiet Time
8:30 Breakfast (counsleors pack lunches, meds, frist aid, epi-pen, and med forms)
9:15 Bible Ex., Cabin Cleanup (in the cabin)
10:15 Leave on Endeavor (Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Fishing, Hiking)
4:30 Afternoon Swim Time / Store - If back early enough
5:30 Plan to arrive back at Northern Frontier Camp
6:00 Supper
6:45 Battalion “ENDEAVOR” Action Time (Capture the Flag, Beach Time, Ultimate Frisbee, and more)
8:30 Flag Lowering
8:45 Camp Fire
9:45 Get washed up for bed
10:00 Cabin Devotions
10:15 Lights Out
10:20 Taps