What to Pack for Camp

___ Bible
___ underwear (daily change)
___ socks (daily change)
___ T-shirts
___ shorts
___ bathing suit
___ jeans or other long pants
___ raincoat or poncho
___ sweatshirt
___ sneakers
___ sturdy shoes or hiking boots
___ Water shoes or sandals (NO FLIP FLOPS)
___ comb or brush
___ soap, shampoo
___ beach towel, and bath towel and washcloth
___ toothbrush and toothpaste
___ pillow
___ sleeping bag (or sheets and three blankets)
___ flashlight, batteries
___ optional: hat, journal, camera, binoculars, fishing tackle, canteen/water bottle, compass, insect repellent, sunscreen, backpack, hiking poles, etc.

Northern Frontier is in the Adirondack Mountains. Cold and/or wet weather is always a possibility and should be expected.

What NOT To Bring
Northern Frontier is designed to be a wilderness summer camp experience. The following and similar items are not permitted at Northern Frontier: Electronic devices including two-way radios, video game devices, audio or video recorders or players, radios, computers of any kind, iPads, iPods, cell phones, etc. Also, since Northern Frontier provides whatever knives may be needed for our activities, no knives of any kind are to be brought by any camper (this includes small pocket knives, swiss army style knives, switchblades, buck knives, etc.).

Packing List For Trips
If your son is in a special program or trip, please CLICK HERE to download our NF trip packing list.

CORE Check list

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