November 2021

Dear Northern Frontier Alumni, Campers, and Families,

Recently, an NF staffer came by my house as he and his family were doing a few college tours in the area. It was great to see him and spend some time with him, he also came by to see my son who he had as a camper on CORE Training this past summer. They were together for two weeks, adventures, and accountability in close quarters, and really enjoyed catching up. This young man has aspirations of going into full-time ministry after college. He is interested in sharing the gospel and disciple-making like we are commanded in Matthew 28. He could see himself serving and pursuing God in a full-time camp setting and wants to study that in college. This was so very encouraging to hear. God is using NF to impact lives for His Kingdom!

I know often we feel that we have the answers and we can get things done well. I often reflect on how we at NF can minister to more campers and fill beds. My plans and strategies falter and fail yet I am learning that God isn’t in the numbers rather His work is done through purposeful and close relationships His way and in His timing. To be reminded of this young man’s desire to SERVE God makes it all worth it. I do know from experience that not everyone listens to the message I speak or implements the plans and instructions I give. That is often applicable when sharing the Gospel but it is also applied to any teaching or leading situation I am in. We are not called to count numbers but rather go out and make disciples of Christ. We are called to sow and feed the seeds with no promise of being around to see them harvested.

But God who is rich in mercy knows if and when, He knows the plans, He determines our steps, He knows all, is in all, and His timing prevails. Numbers don’t matter. If God only uses me to light a spark in my children’s life to LOVE God then so be it, if He also uses NF or me to bring one camper to Christ then count it all joy, if He only uses NF or me to spur a single staff member to LOVE and SERVE God in camp ministry and beyond then may I celebrate.

When a soul is won for Christ and declares that they want to rely on Him and SERVE Him God is glorified. I do know that God has touched others through the ministry of NF and spurred them on to LOVE and SERVE Him. There are also others who have heard the gospel but still not responded. Keep in prayer for both, be assured that Northern Frontier is still doing this today and we are grateful for God’s provision. Please know that the ministry is strong and we the NF Board and year-round staff are so very appreciative of your donations to the General Fund, Scholarship Fund, LEGACY campaign, Budd’s support, and my support.

Stay Bright and Keen for Christ,

Captain Chris
Camp Director

Board of Directors Update

I want to personally thank the Northern Frontier Board of Directors who in my first 6 years have partnered with me in many ways in keeping the ministry thriving at Northern Frontier. Thank you for your time, skills, and donations. We at NF covet your prayers and pray for you and your families as well. 

To those that have stepped down from the board since 2016, we thank you for your service to the King and remember “You are NF”. Bill Wackwitz, Jim Everett, Kenny Eicher, Ron Fuhr, Randy Danenberg, Ron Belmont, Brian Heale, and Matt Newman

We thank those CSB regional representatives as well for all their time and support of the ministry. Men like Ron Rynd, Peter Westerman, Stephen Warncke, and Stephen Ingis have been excellent men to join with us and partner in raising boys to godly men.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Steve Weingartner
  • Kevin Baldessari
  • Bob Prairie
  • Ted Schlomann
  • Greg Prairie
  • Thom Baker
  • Chip Ducharme
  • Adam Ferranti
  • Al Johnson*
  • Albert Meyer-Pflug*
  • Michael Stephan*

*Newly voted in members