Program Description

For boys ages 12-16.

For teen guys who endeavor for more.
Experience a packed week of fun and out of camp adventures with a focus on living a Christian life. Each day your son will go on a new out of camp trip with his cabin mates. They will be outfitted for hiking a high peak (3,000 - 4,000ft), canoe for a day, rock climb another day, and fish another. Every night will end with all camp game time, swim time, and our staff bringing you a fun, energetic campfire that draws your focus to Christ. You will go on an overnight campout, pitch a tent, and cook your own food. You'll hear scripture, testimonies, and stories that spur you to accept Christ, love Christ, and seek Him every day. Each cabin has 1-2 college age counselors responsible for supervision, and 1 junior counselor per 8 campers.

This program is a feeder trip for our out-of-camp trips and a great program to do for a change of pace if you have been coming for a few years of battalion.

21yr old counselors do the driving for the off-site trips and all trips have staff certified in Life guarding, CPR, and Wilderness first aid.

Teaching points on:
Canoe – parts of boat, strokes, and rescue on Indian Lake
Hike – directions topography, foot ware n pace, first aid, rescue, bears at Snowy Mt, Giant, Cascade Mt
Rock Climbing – belay, knots, technique, anchors, rescue at Shanty Cliffs
Fishing – knots, drag n reeling, species, bait, and lures, catch and release at Big Bad Luck or Whortleberry Pond

Running August 3-10 Only.

A Typical Day
7:45 Wake, Wash & Dress
8:00 Flag Raising
8:10 Personal Quiet Time
8:30 Breakfast (counsleors pack lunches, meds, frist aid, epi-pen, and med forms)
9:15 Bible Ex., Cabin Cleanup (in the cabin)
10:15 Leave on Endeavor (Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Fishing, Hiking)
4:30 Afternoon Swim Time / Store - If back early enough
5:30 Plan to arrive back at Northern Frontier Camp
6:00 Supper
6:45 Battalion “ENDEAVOR” Action Time (Capture the Flag, Beach Time, Ultimate Frisbee, and more)
8:30 Flag Lowering
8:45 Camp Fire
9:45 Get washed up for bed
10:00 Cabin Devotions
10:15 Lights Out
10:20 Taps