Program Description

For teen guys ages 14+

Exploring God’s Creation

On the Explorer Trip, campers will experience a week of fun and challenges in rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain hiking in the Adirondacks. This is an introductory trip designed to expose young men to each of these skills and enable them to achieve more than is offered in the regular in-camp Battalion program.

The Explorer Trip’s itinerary is weather dependent. Rain and thunder can be an issue of safety for certain activities. Scheduling changes may occur to ensure the best experience for our campers.


Explorers will be hiking over several mountains per day over a two-day period. Meals will be made at the campsite in the evenings. The views across the Adirondack range are some of the best in the country. Reminders of our Creator’s majesty surround as campers explore the outdoors. Throughout the this trip, young men will be encouraged by our staff as they open up God’s Word.


The second part of this trip is done by canoe as Explorers paddle the Adirondack waterways. Young men will get to experience the thrills of voyaging across lakes and learn how to navigate on the water.

Rock Climbing

The final experience of the Explorer Trip is an exciting day of rock climbing. Campers will be taken to an Adirondack rock face where they will learn proper knot-tying, wearing a harness, belaying, and basic communication skills.

Our goal is to see young men finish the Explorer Trip having gained skills, friendships, and a closer relationship with Christ.

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