What Is Endeavor?

Looking for a new adventure? Our Endeavor week is designed to bring exciting new experiences for campers ready for something more than a typical week of camp. We take a few of our most popular in-camp activities and turn them up a level. Campers will go hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and paddling in ways they’ve never done during our regular program.

For Stockade, we invite boys ages 10 through 11 to join Endeavor. You’ll see camp in a new way, exploring the area surrounding OK Slip (our camp’s lake). This is a great way to prepare for your next steps into Battalion, Trips, and beyond!

Young men ages 12-15 will go further as each endeavor will be a trip off our camp property. You’ll get out into Adirondack Park, explore waterways, hike a peak, fish in wilderness ponds, and more!

Endeavor is a great way to get more of all Northern Frontier offers. Endeavor campers still get more of what makes our camp unique while maintaining a traditional camper experience. Campers can still swim on our lake, store time throughout the week, go on a classic overnight campout, and enjoy our famous staff-led campfires every night.

Ready for Endeavor?