Northern Frontier Camp




7 Days


$750 / session


Climb to beautiful mountain vistas!

The Mountain Trip is led by two of Northern Frontier’s trained staff. You will climb 6-10 mountains, sometimes 2-3 in one day. There is no set daily agenda like the 46r Trip. This trip is less intense, and there is more time to explore, relax, and talk around the fire. It would be best if you were in great shape and could hike anywhere from 6-15 miles daily. NF may take the trip into the High Peaks region, the Northville Lake Placid Trail, the Long Trail in Vermont, or other areas depending on the leader’s experience.

You will enjoy fellowship with others learning to be outdoorsmen and the man God wants you to be.

Your group will have two counselors and not more than six campers. At least one of your counselors will be certified in First Aid and CPR.

Daily Bible exploration and informal sharing each evening around the campfire will highlight the day as you discover how the Bible speaks to your needs.

Pre-requisite – good physical condition, strength, and endurance. The better your physical condition, the more you can enjoy this strenuous process of hiking in the Adirondack High Peaks. As a minimum, please be able to jog for 45 minutes without stopping.

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