Welcome to Northern Frontier!

Let's all agree on one thing: camp is awesome! Packing a bag and heading off into the wilderness for a week or two is the best part of summer. But camp isn't just about being here at Northern Frontier—it can be wherever you are in the world.

This is Basecamp

Basecamp is your central hub for this summer. Often, on long trips, explorers will set up makeshift campsites called basecamps. From here they would journey out into the wilderness knowing that they could return to camp to rest and load up on supplies.

On the left, you'll find the basecamp sidebar. This will help you navigate to all the places you want to go.

Tree Climbers

You are God's workmanship, a wonderful masterpiece. Dads and sons will work together to make their own crafts with three days of activity and Bible exploration!


You might have heard of the shepherd boy who became the King of Israel. His name was David. Rangers Cole, Ben, and Andrew walk us through the life of David as you've never heard it before.


Joel and Jacob lead us through an exploration of what it means to have self-control. The Bible tells us that this is the most important thing for a young man to master—are you ready for the challenge?

Verse of the Day

Once a day at camp, a counselor stands on the hearth and shares encouragement from God's Word. We've asked our staff and alumni to step up from their homes and continue this tradition. You can view these videos on our Facebook or Instagram!


Join us for skill-focused look at some of the activities you can do at camp. We'll learn about Hiking, Cooking and Star Gazing from several of our staff and don't miss Capt. Chris' special about Rappelling!