Dropping off and Picking Up

What To Expect When Arriving At Camp

On Saturdays, we have staff assigned to welcome you at the start of our camp road and at several checkpoints as you enter. Saturdays are very busy because we have campers coming in and going out of camp. Our staff facilitates the road system that coordinates the flow of traffic.

The Camp Road

Our camp road is a very rough road for most cars. It is about 3 miles long and primarily single-laned. Be prepared to navigate sharp turns, blind corners, rocks, hills, loose stones, and mud. We recommend vehicles with good clearance, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive. Please keep your speed between 5 and 10 miles per hour. A state trail leads to OK Slip Falls after the halfway point, which intersects our road. Please use caution and drive slowly as this part of the road is frequented by hikers.

Camp Van Shuttle

If you prefer not to drive your car, no worries! Leave it parked in our small lot across from the Niabi Lodge, and we will give your camper(s) a ride in. Parents of first-time campers are encouraged to come and see the camp property. If you’d like to take a ride on one of our camp vehicles, please let one of our attending staff know, and they will assist you.

Checking In

Every camper needs to go to the dining hall and check-in with the nurse upon arrival at camp. She will collect ALL medications (including over-the-counter). After that, you can exit the back door of the dining hall and head out under the tent to check in, where they will tell you what cabin you are in and collect any camp store money you might want to add. Before lunch, you can take your gear to your cabin and meet your counselors if they are available. Feel free to ask any of our staff to help carry your things.

Lunch is at 1:30 on Saturday, giving campers time to settle in and meet their cabinmates and counselors.

Visiting Camp

Parents are welcome to walk the property and see some sights on Saturdays. However, we recommend saying your goodbyes and going back out while our staff still assists with traffic flow.

Our road system is closed after 1:00PM as we prepare for the lunch meal. The last call for a Shuttle ride out of camp is at 12:30. Please plan your visit accordingly. After our road system is closed, you will be exiting camp with the possibility of seeing late arrivals as they enter. Be aware of oncoming traffic and honk your horn when maneuvering around turns.

Staying In Touch

The best way to send a message to your camper(s) during the week is through our Email Your Camper form.

The Camp Road