Northern Frontier Camp

Become a part of the growing network of Alumni
a brotherhood bonded on OK Slip.

Our Alumni Association is a network of brothers who have served Christ at Northern Frontier over the decades. We aim to continue supporting the ministry in various ways, including working during volunteer weekends, committing ourselves to pray for camp leadership and staff, and offering financial support.

Joining our network is the best way to continue your involvement with Northern Frontier. We hope to encourage one another, spur on the next generation of camp counselors, and support camp leadership.

Meet the team

Chris Studley
Camp Director
Pete Westerman
Assistant Camp Director
Kelly Studley
Registrar & Donations
Kim Mitchell
Maintenance Director


Whether you were on staff for decades or only a camper for one week, you know and have experienced something special at Northern Frontier. I trust you have found your way here because when you think of Camp, it stirs something inside you–deep-felt memories that have impacted your whole life. You are the Alumni of Northern Frontier Camp, and I welcome you.

As for me, Northern Frontier is a place where I learned many things. I learned how to catch a frog, play tether ball, ride a horse, build a campfire, canoe, sail, and “count it all joy” while washing dishes. More than this, I learned to see God in all His creation and what it looks like to be a man of God in others. At Northern Frontier, I accepted Christ and became a child of God.

“Boys will be Men” has been a motto at Northern Frontier for years. Like many others, I went from boy to man at Camp and met many other men who have helped me in my walk with Jesus to become the man I am today. Many of these men are still in my life.

For this reason and so much more, I would like to welcome you to the Northern Frontier Alumni Network personally. Our objective is to be a place for you to reconnect with old friends and mentors and continue supporting the Northern Frontier ministry in various ways.

So don’t wait. Sign up now and be connected because boys will be men, and together, we will spur one another to stand firm, be strong, and show yourself a man.

Brian T. Conroy

Alumni Relations


Pictured from left to right: Kim Mitchell (Maintenance Director), Steve Weingartner (Board Chairman), Kevin Baldessari (Treasurer), Bob Prairie, Ted Schlomann, Al Johnson, Chip DuCharme, Mike Stephan, Thom Baker, Albert Meyer-Pflug.

Not pictured: Adam Ferranti, Ryan Drew.