Become a part of the growing network of Alumni, where you can connect with a brotherhood bonded on OK Slip.

Why Join?

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Ways to Get Involved


Each Spring, we host several groups of volunteers who help prepare our facilities for the upcoming season. Your help is welcome and necessary!


Prayer is an important part of our ministry. Would you take a moment and prayer over the list below?


We are a non-profit seeking financial partnerships. Help keep the cost of camp affordable for all families.

A History of Service

Northern Frontier was founded in 1946. Since the beginning, alumni and volunteers have played a vital role in the growth of our ministry. The camp moved all around the New York Metropolitan area in the early days. At each location, men made camp possible by giving their time and resources.

In 1965, Northern Frontier moved to its current location in North River, New York. The work teams faced many challenges. Few believed that the camp would be open by the following summer. Throughout the fall and spring, the buildings were designed, prefabricated, delivered, and put together on site. All of this was done by volunteers at no cost for their services. Even though it seemed impossible, God used the faithful work of many to open camp on time in 1966.

“So that the people may know… that the hand of the Lord has done this….”
Isaiah 41:20