Northern Frontier Camp

experience the ancient art of archery

Archery provides campers a unique and enriching experience beyond the thrill of hitting a target. Campers learn the art of handling a bow and arrow in a supervised and safe environment, gaining a deeper understanding of focus, precision, and coordination. The activity starts with basic lessons on proper stance, grip, and aiming techniques, ensuring campers develop a solid foundation. As they progress, the challenges become more intricate, encouraging campers to refine their skills throughout their stay.

The satisfaction of hitting a bullseye becomes a source of pride for campers, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting their self-esteem. Archery is not just about mastering a skill but cultivating discipline and patience. Campers learn to appreciate the meditative quality of archery, as each shot requires concentration and a calm mind. The activity promotes a sense of responsibility as campers adhere to safety rules and protocols, creating an environment where they can explore their potential in a supportive and encouraging setting.