Northern Frontier Camp

Fond Memories from Big Bad Luck

Big Bad Luck brings many fond memories for me. I have been there many times fishing with staff, my friends, and on my own.  I also visited when bringing a camper out to his cabin, checking in on a cabin for their overnight, doing trail work, co-leading a fishing trip, hiking with staff, and taking […]

Who You Are In Christ

I love names! When our kids were born, we spent hours pouring through name books, checking all the meanings before deciding on each name. My name, “Kelly,” is an Irish name meaning “war, warrior maiden, bold,”… and from the time I could walk and talk, I have embraced that meaning! While that has served me […]

What Camp Means to Me

My first experience at Northern Frontier was being dropped off by my parents at the age of 17 for a summer of being a junior counselor. Never having been a camper, I wondered what I was getting myself into as we made our way down the camp road. The summer seemed long and stretched me […]

Excellence in Christian Leadership

What is Christian leadership? Christian leadership is involving others in the work of the Lord for their good and His glory. To put it another way, Christian leadership is the art of influencing others to commit to Christ and thus depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit in accomplishing what becomes a mutual objective […]

Program Directors Summer ’24

Each summer, we bring on two administrative staff members to fill key roles. These men are charged with the task of supervising one of two divisions, Stockade and Battalion. We call their positions “Program Directors,” but that only begins to describe their responsibilities. Not only do they work through the day-to-day planning of the program […]

Want to Go Sailing?

Sailing has been one of my all-time favorite things to do at Northern Frontier. As newlyweds, my wife and I worked for camp, and the one experience I was most excited to share with her was to float down OK slip in a Sunfish sailboat. It can be a time of peaceful serenity–or thrilling excitement […]

Lost in the Woods

One of the many skills we teach at camp is how not to get lost in the woods. As a remote wilderness camp, losing your way can be a challenging experience for campers and counselors alike. We supply maps and radios, but the best way to ensure you know where you’re going is always to […]

Get Your NF Swag Now

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our online merch store! We’re offering online exclusive apparel for our dedicated supporters. These items are available to you at cost, meaning there is a 0% markup for camp. We made this decision because we want these items to be as accessible as possible. If you’d like to […]

High Peaks to Hard Pavement

A summer at Northern Frontier is packed with fun adventures, exploration, and discovery. Whether as a camper, or staff member, young men will be challenged to grow spiritually and physically during their stay. For many, time at camp is like summitting a high peak. It tests you, but the view from the top of the […]