Northern Frontier Camp




14 Days


$1500 / person


On this intense 2-week trip you will enjoy the majestic mountain ranges, battle the weather and fatigue, and find yourself relying on God for physical and mental strength.

If you think you have what it takes and are in great shape come join us as we conquer 23 high peaks in 2 weeks in the Adirondack Mountains. Come back the next year and do the remaining 23 to become part of an elite group called the ADK 46ers. 

Throughout your time our well-trained, certified, and experienced staff will look out for your safety but also be teaching you from God’s Word throughout the trip. You will also develop cooking, backpacking, map reading, compass, and water purification skills. You will build strong friendships and build a sense of family among the group. This is our physically most challenging trip and you should be in very good physical shape (great physical endurance is a must). We hike multiple mountains in a day rain or shine, sometimes without packs and some with packs. Training before you come is necessary for your success.

In two years you will have earned the right to wear the coveted ADK 46er Patch recognized throughout the Northeast. Enjoy fellowship with others learning to be outdoorsmen and the man God wants them to be.

Pre-requisite–very good physical condition, strength, and endurance. Thoroughly break in new hiking boots before arriving at camp

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