Frequently Asked Questions

Camper FAQ

  • How many campers are in a cabin?

    Our campers will have up to 7 boys per cabin.

  • What is the camper-counselor ratio?

    We maintain a ratio of 2 counselors very every 8 campers.

  • How many campers are at your camp?

    Our camp's capacity is about 100 campers per week. However, most campers experience camp within their age program. Campers can expect to be in large group settings with up to 50 boys their age. They will experience various skill activities in smaller groups of about 8 to 16.

  • How many age groups are at your camp?

    Campers are age 6-16. The youngest age group is called Tree Climbers, which is a three-day Father & Son program for boys ages 6 and 7. At age 8, campers can attend a full week of Stockade camp. Then at age 12, campers move to our Battalion camp which goes up until the age of 16. At the age of 14, many of our campers opt-in for one of our trips or participate in our leaderhsip programs CORE Training and Service Crew.

  • How are campers assigned their cabins?

    We place campers with peers of a similar age. We try to honor cabin requests so long as it is mutual and the boys are of a similar age.

  • How do you respond to homesick campers?

    Helping boys overcome the challenge of homesickness is part of what we do. Camp is a wonderful opportunity for a camper to grow on his own. Our counselors are trained to validate their emotional response to be completely normal and give the camper coping mechanisms to help them learn and become stronger. Our administrative staff supports our counseling staff to ensure your son is encouraged and comfortable at camp.

  • Can I call or come visit my son while he is at camp?

    Camp is about making friendships that can last a lifetime. Your son will spend time with boys his age while learning new skills and having his best summer ever. Often, a call from a parent produces an increase in homesickness. This is also true of visits to the camp. However, campers can receive mail, so we encourage parents to write often! You can also send a one-way email through our contact form, delivered to our campers during lunch and dinner.

  • Can my son bring an electronic device to camp?

    Camp is a device-free zone. Campers engage and interact with the people and world around them by unplugging from these electronic distractions. This allows for healthy and rapid growth.

  • What activites will my son do while he is at camp?

    We offer dozens of activities for your son to be involved with including Rock Climbing, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Wood Working, Sailing, Fishing and much more.

  • What if my son has a birthday while he is at camp?

    We celebrate every birthday at camp. At dinner time on your son’s special day, the entire doing hall will sing the traditional birthday song while he blows out the candles on his ice cream sundae!

  • My son is a picky eater, what kind of food do you serve?

    We have a wide variety of balanced meals which encourage our campers to try new things, while also maintaining a baseline of familiarity. Breakfast can include eggs, sausage, pancakes, fruit, and cereal. Lunch and dinner may include chicken, pasta, sandwiches, fish, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

  • What about my son’s dietary or allergy-related needs?

    Our kitchen crew can accommodate dietary needs. Any food allergies should be discussed before your son’s arrival to ensure that we can accommodate your son’s needs. Please get in touch with our Food Service Coordinator, Kelly Studley, for more information.

  • Is camp safe?

    Northern Frontier holds itself to the highest health and safety standards for summer camps. Our camp is accredited by the American Camp Association, which confirms that we comply with their standards of professional practices in all areas of operation, including facilities, health and safety, food service, staffing, and program.

  • How do you hire counselors and staff?

    We seek staff members who are passionate about serving Christ, love the outdoors, and are excited about youth development. Many of our staff start out as Northern Frontier campers while are others are invited by our current staff and alumni. Each staff person goes through an application process, are interview, have reference and background checks completed, and then attend staff training at camp.

  • Do you have any discounts or scholarship?

    Yes, we have both discounts and scholarships. The discounts may change year-to-year, but most families find they are eligible for some savings.

    We proudly provide camp scholarships, but funds are limited to those who can demonstrate financial need. Please get in touch with us directly for more information about how to apply for a scholarship. You can take advantage of additional discounts, including early registration and sibling rates. For more information, contact our Camp Registrar, Kelly Studley

  • Do you offer a special discount for pastors or minstry leaders?

    Yes, we do! Please get in touch with us directly for more information about this opportunity.   

  • Do you offer a camp program for girls?

    Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks is only a short distance from our camp and offers a quality camping experience for girls that shares our values.