Fond Memories from Big Bad Luck

Big Bad Luck brings many fond memories for me. I have been there many times fishing with staff, my friends, and on my own.  I also visited when bringing a camper out to his cabin, checking in on a cabin for their overnight, doing trail work, co-leading a fishing trip, hiking with staff, and taking my cabin there as a counselor. 

What I remember most about BBL are my adventures with friends. I remember the time spent encouraging each other on the hikes getting there. I recall sitting on the peninsula or a rock island, admiring the view. I have great stories of friendly competitions to outfish a buddy and the epic fishing days catching 15 bass. I have memories of getting 10 staff to the peninsula campsite with only one boat and some bad oars, and after dinner, there were colossal snapping turtles who lurked waiting for our leftovers near our campsite. I have vivid pictures of hunkering down and weathering some massive storms across the lake.

But most of all, I remember times at BBL as some of the best times in the world to have God-honoring conversations. My time with others just being at BBL has blessed me with a stronger relationship with God, staff, and my friends. BBL isn’t just one of my quiet little getaways–it’s a place where relationships grew, time disappeared, and God spoke to me.

I have been reading and studying a few of Paul’s letters to the church for several years. I often try to put myself in Paul’s position (not physically in jail, but into his mindset) when I write and talk with men that God has put me in leadership with over my years in ministry. I have learned a lot from Paul! I have learned from reading his epistles what matters in life. I have learned that I need always to be content with the situations God has me in and take ownership of God’s call to believers to “go out and make disciples.” One of my favorite verses is Phil 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” This, of course, is not referring to strength as we see it but rather that God can give me the endurance and whatever else I need to get through the pain or trial I am in. Like Paul’s, my contentment comes from knowing that God has conquered the world and has a plan for what I am facing. I find such peace in that promise! I pray that you do as well.

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Cpt. chris studley

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